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Production capabilities


With our production facilities we could bring to our clients the advantage of the latest technology in 5 axis CNC milling for making patterns and molds. Using the state of the art CAD CAM software solutions combined with most advance 5 axis CNC machine we are able to manufacture patterns and molds and provide composite machining service for your projects utilizing highly accurate 5 axis CNC machining.


Combining our CNC laser cutting machine with large thermoforming machine, we are able to provide very sophisticated production of large thermoforming parts, shaped using molds manufactured in our machine shop. For most demanding thermoforming jobs we could use 5 axis machine for precise CNC trimming of thermoformed parts.

Our products and services:


  • Complex 5-axis CNC machining of patterns and molds
  • Styling models
  • Tool design and prototyping
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Thermoforming molds
  • Membrane press thermoforming
  • Production trimming of thermoformed, carbon fiber, and fiberglass parts
  • Professional CAD/CAM service