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Structural Analysis and Simulation – FEA


For the purpose of development of the various aerospace components and assemblies our company offers modeling of complex structural analysis simulation in specialized software packages.The simulation models provide a deeper insight into the characteristics and behavior of engineered structures. We have experience in modeling:


  • Classical and finite element (FE) analysis of wing
  • Classical and FE analysis of fuselage
  • Stress analysis of horizontal and vertical tail
  • Structural analysis of aileron and flaps
  • Stress analysis of engine mount
  • Fatigue analysis of aircraft components
  • Modal analysis of aircraft components
  • Fluid-structure interaction (FSI) analysis

Computational Fluid Dynamics – CFD


CFD solves numerically mathematical equations that represent physical laws in order to resolve various problems in fluid flow, heat transfer, mass transfer, chemical reaction. The results of CFD are used in conceptual studies of new designs, redesigns, detailed product development and optimization, reducing the effort required in experimental facilities and total costs. Our company offers Complete Flow Modeling for:


  • External Aerodynamics around Aircrafts, Drones, UAV in Subsonic, Transonic and Supersonic Flow
  • Rotor and Propeller – Airframe Interactions
  • Missile Aerodynamics including Static and Dynamic Derivatives
  • Internal Aerodynamics including Turbines/Compressors and Ventilation Systems
  • Store Release
  • Nozzle Design.