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Technical and Maintenance Publication Development


CAD Professional Systems Technical Publications department has a proven ability to deliver a full range of publications, ranging from complete system manuals to individual handbooks. Our industry specific expertise and knowledge ensures our customers can trust us to complete all phases of the production life-cycle, from source data analysis, preparation and production, through to delivery.


One of the key components of professional and informative technical publication are technical illustrations. With deep expertize in special software solutions for creating 2D in 3D technical illustrations, as well as practical experience in numerous of projects, our team is able to prepare all kind of technical illustrating material. These range from perspective, isometric, exploded and cut-away line illustrations to support all forms of technical documentation.

A set of technical documentation is developed and created electronically, with the state-of-the-art technologies. It is thus available to the end user in many different forms:


  • Through various digital media
  • On specialized web servers
  • Printed out in traditional hard copy format, as instructions, manuals etc.

The most convenient way of accessing electronic documents is the Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP). Our experts have extensive experience in developing different categories of IETPs compliant with national and international standards (S1000D) and specifications applicable to technical documentation development.

Development of Technical Publications in Compliance with ASD S1000D


Technical Guide Builder


Technical Guide Builder is a set of software tools for development, configuring, management and publication of complete operational and repair/overhaul documentation for all levels of maintenance that meet S1000D requirements.

Technical publications designed in the TG Builder system may be posted online through a web server in the form of interactive documents using electronic interactive media, while also being available as traditional page-oriented documents in PDF format usable also on any mobile device.

TG Builder features a range of tools which support organization and management of large-scale projects of developing electronic documentation through shared effort of multiple contributors. These tools aim to ensure efficient resource utilization, business rule management and data exchange across all stages of electronic documentation design and maintenance.



 We are capable of delivering following publications:

  • Aircrew information
    • Flight manual
    • Aircraft operation
    • Performance data
    • Checklists
    • Quick reference manual
  • Air vehicle mass and balance
  • Maintenance
    • Air vehicle maintenance
    • Air vehicle description
    • Maintenance procedures
    • Checklists
    • Job cards
    • Air vehicle fault isolation
    • Air vehicle schematic diagrams
    • Air vehicle wiring data
    • Air vehicle maintenance planning
  • Maintenance requirements
    • Checklists
    • Job cards
    • Engine standard practices
    • Engine maintenance
    • Power plant build-up
    • Equipment maintenance
    • Airborne equipment
    • Engine accessories
    • Ground support equipment
    • Training equipment
  • Loading
    • Air vehicle cargo loading
    • Air vehicle weapon loading
    • Air vehicle stores loading
  • Air vehicle cross servicing
  • Air vehicle role change
  • Air vehicle structure repair
  • Air vehicle non-destructive testing
  • Air vehicle corrosion control
  • IPD – Illustrated Part Data
  • Air vehicle battle damage repair
  • Air vehicle recovery
  • Air vehicle storage
  • Illustrated tools and equipment
  • Material data
    • Material data sheets
    • List of consumable materials
    • Time change items (TCI) data
  •  Service bulletins / Service information
  •  Common information and data
    • Standard practices structure
    • Standard practices systems
    • Standard practices electric/electronic
    • Regulatory information